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Artists currently available include:

Avery, Milton (American, 1885-1965)

Braque, Georges (French, 1882-1963)

Cadmus, Paul (American, 1904 – 1999)

DeLue, Donald Harcourt (American, 1897 – 1988) Wanted

Hargens, Jr., Charles W. (American, 1893 – 1997)

Haritonoff, Nicholas Basil (Russian, 1880 – 1944)

Nast, Thomas (American, 1840 – 1902) Wanted

Prendergast, Maurice Brazil (American, 1858 – 1924) Wanted

Signac, Paul (French, 1863-1935)

Sonntag Sr., William Louis (American, 1822 – 1900) Wanted

Walker, William Aiken (American, 1838 – 1921)

For Sale:

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Marc Chagall

Title: Book of Graphic works of Chagall
Category: Book Art
Medium: Paper
Ground: Paper
Signature: Signed
Size: 12.50" x 10"
Style: Other
Subject: Other
Created: 1970
Book of graphic works of Chagall from 1922-1966 (Das graphische werk Band I 1922-1966) Published Kornfeld, Eberhard We. Bern: Kornfeld and Klipstein; 1970

Georges Braque

Title: Two Birds

Category: Other
Medium: Enamel
Ground: Metal
Signature: Lower Right
Size: 8" x 9.50"
Style: Other
Subject: Wildlife/Animal

Georges Braque (French 1882-1963) “Two Birds” Enamel on Copper 8” x 9.5” plus linen and wood frame Signed: Marked G. Braque lower right.

Price: Please inquire

Please Call 732-747-9450 for Details

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