Frequently Asked Questions What is the benefit of having an appraisal? a)  To make informed decisions and to know what you have before you sell or distribute items b)  File an estate tax return. c)  To obtain insurance coverage to protect your art-collections, etc. How is an appraisal different from an auction estimate or “free” appraisal? Free appraisals are actually offers to buy in disguise.  This is not in your best interest. Auction sale estimate is simply an unreserached “guess” at what would be the minimum something might sell for. Why should an appraiser not purcahse items they appraised? This is a huge conflict of interst which only the appraiser would profit from. What should I look for in an appraiser? Someone who is not also buying or charging you based on a percentage of the appraised value. Experience, reputation, and number of years in business. Why should I choose C. T. Peters, Inc., Appraisers? Our company has different experts versus a single “Mr. Know-It-All” approach.  We cover the tri-state area and Florida.  All of our work is always confidential. Why is there a fee? Fees charged are for our expert professional report and over 40 years of expereince. Cost is based on time and fees vary by expert. A phone consultation is always free and we can also meet in person for a small consultation fee. 
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